Executive Coaching and Consulting — What’s the Difference?

Answer: A lot!

It is also an enjoyable question for me to answer, as I have been both.

As a consultant, you get hired for your expertise in a given field or industry. Healthcare Consulting, Management Consulting, Financial Services Consulting etc.

As an Executive Coach, you get hired to bring out the best in your client by helping them facilitate insights for themselves. You act as a confidential thinking space and help bring additional perspectives into your client’s field of experience, while allowing them to uncover potential blind spots. The right type of coaching can prove invaluable for leaders.

People also mix up mentoring and coaching too.

A mentor is generally someone who has travelled the road you wish to travel. Perhaps a mentor for a ship’s captain for example, could be the fleet admiral.

Your expertise as an Executive Coach is in facilitating insight, not in telling people how to do something because of your own experience. It does not mean of course that you cannot draw from your experience, yet it is a very important distinction.

At High Performance Strategy Europe (HPSE) we consider our Executive Impact Coaching both an art and a science, and are ultra passionate about delivering impactful, transformative results for leaders you would assume don’t need much help.

The reality is, it is the most capable leaders — the trailblazers — that mostly hire us, whether it is for our High Performance Training or Executive High Performance Coaching.


The world’s highest performing individuals seem to naturally understand that the right kind of assistance can help take their capabilities and talents even further.

It has been described by some of our clients as being akin to ‘…leaving earth and entering the stratosphere!’.

We are passionate about working with high potential executives and are no stranger to working one-on-one at the very highest level, all over the world.

Our personal and professional experience working with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Government Ministers, 100s of innovative CEOs and other high-achieving individuals for more than a decade, means:

We understand leaders

We understand their mindset

We understand their ambitions &

We help them optimise their mindset and actualise their unique potential.

Currently, we take on 1–2 executive coaching clients per month.

If you are interested in hearing more, I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,


P. S. Our ‘fluid knowledge’ philosophy means that our methodology is constantly being optimised as we continue to fill our toolbox with the most revolutionary high performance, brain-based leadership development & insight based tools around!

On top of our many years of experience working with top-tier leaders the world over, we are continuously expanding our academic credentials and certifications in areas that include: Neuroleadership, Neurocoaching, Brain Based Coaching Methods, Cognitive Fitness, Exponential Coaching, High Impact Executive Coaching and Positive Psychology.

Our work will soon be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and their Continuing Coach Education (CCE) stream, as well as the UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. These are seen as gold standards in executive coaching circles.