Dear 2020,

How are you?

I hear you are almost ready to go. Is that right?

Before you do, 2020, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you.

Honestly, your company was not that enjoyable.

That’s just being frank with you!

You were a bit miserable.

Not the kind of miserable that swiftly arrives and departs. Like a bad spice on a good meal.

More-so the kind that lingers way past its welcome. Like the smell of burnt toast in a small kitchen.

But you know what 2020?

You were a great teacher too.

In fact, perhaps the best ever.

You forced us to innovate.

You helped us connect in new ways.

To value the present moment.

To appreciate the power of a pause.

I thank you for these lessons, 2020. I guess you weren’t all bad.

I may not have always agreed with your teaching style.

It’s surely not the way I would have done it!

It was actually uncomfortable at times.

But 2020…

On the flip side, who could argue with your impact?

You helped us see clearly.

You shone a light on the value of life — and its frailty too.

We now see what truly matters.

And what doesn’t matter at all.

You helped me live from the inside out, not the outside in.

You took a lot from us 2020.

You didn’t make it easy.

Yet you gave us a lot too.

For the lows, the lessons and the liberties.

For the power of the present.

Thanks 2020.

We surely won’t forget you!

Much love and safe travels,

Thomas Leamy

CEO | High Performance Strategy Europe (HPSE) — passionate about delivering high impact, transformative results for leaders, teams and companies.

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