Dear 2020,

How are you?

I hear you are almost ready to go. Is that right?

Before you do, 2020, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you.

Honestly, your company was not that enjoyable.

That’s just being frank with you!

You were a bit miserable.

Not the kind…

When do you have your best ideas? ©

In 1386, a convicted pig was dressed in a waistcoat, gloves, drawers and a human mask for its execution. In 1474 a crown court found a rooster guilty of the “unnatural crime” of laying an egg; and remarkably, there was a trial of dolphins in Marseilles in 1596.

We don’t…

Thomas Leamy

CEO | High Performance Strategy Europe (HPSE) — passionate about delivering high impact, transformative results for leaders, teams and companies.

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