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Dear 2020,

How are you?

I hear you are almost ready to go. Is that right?

Before you do, 2020, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you.

Honestly, your company was not that enjoyable.

That’s just being frank with you!

You were a bit miserable.

Not the kind of miserable that swiftly arrives and departs. Like a bad spice on a good meal.

More-so the kind that lingers way past its welcome. Like the smell of burnt toast in a small kitchen.

But you know what 2020?

You were a great teacher too.

In fact, perhaps the best ever. …

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These past few months have been tough. Perhaps the toughest in memory for you and so many others. Covid-19 has railroaded in a set of circumstances that people feel threatened by. The disruption caused to business life has been dramatic and sudden. It has been a whirlwind for leaders, livelihoods and mental states. Uncertainty rules the day and complexity the night.

Yet, there is a solution to this chaos.

I find it works incredibly well for the high performers I work with regardless of age, gender, professional level or nationality. This solution is not built around adding a plethora of techniques and tools to ‘fix’ you. Nor is it constructed on the basis of simply thinking positively. That old “..if …

Are you a 21st century leader? Welcome to your professionally facilitated, collaborative, leadership circle where space is created for thought, insight, support and exponential growth.

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The View From 30,000 Feet

The most enjoyable thing about operating High Performance Strategy Europe (HPSE) — is rubbing shoulders with incredible humans. From Presidents, Prime Ministers and Fortune 500 CEOs, to game changing young entrepreneurs — we have been inspired by the human capacity for growth and greatness for many years.

On the other hand, we also take in the wide angle view of leadership’s less pleasing side. The dark side of leadership. These are the real world challenges that keep high level leaders up at night and feeling like a plane stuck in a holding pattern over Heathrow. …

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This year’s Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum sheds light on pandemic-related disruptions in 2020, and hones in on the outlook for jobs and skillsets in the next five years.

What came as no surprise, is that automation, in tandem with the COVID-19 recession, is creating a ‘double-disruption’ scenario for leaders and their companies.

In fact, 43% of businesses indicate that they are set to reduce their workforce due to technological integration.

That is a sobering finding.

What’s more, by 2025, the time spent on current tasks at work by humans and machines will be equal.

That is in 5 years time! …

When do you have your best ideas?

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In 1386, a convicted pig was dressed in a waistcoat, gloves, drawers and a human mask for its execution. In 1474 a crown court found a rooster guilty of the “unnatural crime” of laying an egg; and remarkably, there was a trial of dolphins in Marseilles in 1596.

We don’t do that anymore.

Circa 350 BC, the Greek philosopher Aristotle announced that the Earth was a sphere, based on his observations of constellations and solar activity. …

You are not stuck with the brain you have, you can make it better and I can prove it! — Dr. Daniel Amen

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At High Performance Strategy Europe, we have been delving more into the field of Neuro-based High Performance than ever before. The term ‘Neuroleadership’ was first coined by Dr. David Rock in 2006 and refers to the application of neuroscience to the field of leadership.

Why are we focusing on Neuro-based High Performance?

A simple answer:

In our mission to help leaders and their teams’ perform optimally in this volatile era of Covid-19, we decided to sail upstream.

On this journey, we unearthed the meta-competencies required for high performance in the 21st century — and we kept sailing. …

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Answer: A lot!

It is also an enjoyable question for me to answer, as I have been both.

As a consultant, you get hired for your expertise in a given field or industry. Healthcare Consulting, Management Consulting, Financial Services Consulting etc.

As an Executive Coach, you get hired to bring out the best in your client by helping them facilitate insights for themselves. You act as a confidential thinking space and help bring additional perspectives into your client’s field of experience, while allowing them to uncover potential blind spots. The right type of coaching can prove invaluable for leaders.

People also mix up mentoring and coaching too. …


Thomas Leamy

CEO | High Performance Strategy Europe (HPSE) — passionate about delivering high impact, transformative results for leaders, teams and companies.

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